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About Me

Hello, I'm Steve. I am married and have 3 kids, 1 grandchild and 1 dog. Now that my social status is out of the way, who am I? I am someone that takes joy in small pleasures. A walk in a wooded area as the sun breaks through the canopy. Wrestling with my dog Eva in the back yard. A cold beer while grilling burgers on a warm sunny afternoon. I cherish those moments and seek to create as many more as time passes by.

So far this is starting to read like a dating profile... Ok, maybe if I were to describe myself. People have referred to me as a giant teddy bear. It's true, I am not a small guy. But don't let that scare you. I'm really quite nice and easy to get along with.
Yep, it definetly sounds like a dating profile now.
Although, isn't that the point? Am I not trying to get you to pick me? Maybe not for the same reason as companionship, but this is a vetting process all the same. Any concerns or curiosities you might have, I can help with that.

Why photography? I have always been fascinated by how a picture can fill someone with emotion. Those are memories. Pictures have a way of invoking a strong response from our emotions. They also are our way of passing on history. It could be your great-great grandchild that looks at a photograph of you and your spouse on the day you married 100 years from now. Maybe it's a picture of your son or daughter celebrating that they beat their schools all time scoring record. A record that lives on for the next 50 years. Those are things we want ourselves & others not to forget.

Moments in time are always fleeting. But what if we can stop those moments. Freeze time. A camera and a lens can do just that and create a rolling view of one's life.

Let me help you capture the moments you will want to remember for all time. I promise, we will even have fun doing it.